Saturday, January 15, 2011

insert shamless plug here..



So, someone on the Waveformless blog was king enough to plug me on his blog, and since I blieve in karma, one good turn, etc, here’s his plug.  Check out his blog and music at, and have a nice day.


Got some free time to work on something (besides the synth I’m attempting to build, I suck at soldering)!  Working retail has always been hard around Christmastime, up until around February when it FINALLY slows down enough for some me time…


Anyway, as Promised, here’s a new pack.  Just 4 presets as a jump-off point, of nothing but a simulation of those wonderfule free-running oscillators you get on a real analog synth.  If you want more presets, make them, and have some fun!


Free running oscillators for Ableton 8.2