Friday, September 24, 2010

#4 Sample-based Oscillators

Are fun.  Everything  we hear can be broken down to some kind of simple waveform.  The cool thing about Ableton is, If you take a longer sample, and set the loop point so a waveform only repeats once, Both Simpler and Sampler act more like a synth playing a static waveform than a sample.

How can this be useful, you ask?

Well, if one were to arrange a lot of these samples from end to end into one auio file, you’d have something like a wavetable.  Then you could Freely select any waveform in the file freely, and at will.

This can open up lots of new possibilities, that are best heard and played with instead of talked about.  So today’s live pack is something I made a long time ago, starting in Live 6 and added on to until now. 

Inside the pack, you’ll fnd a couple of drum kits, about 15 or so intrument racks, and a few basic presets.  Have fun!

Download Z3R0 CR0551NG Tags: ,,,

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